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Why Self Service Car Sharing


24 / 7 Rental

As of today, you don't close on Sunday or after business hours. And the best thing: you don't even need employees to handover te keys. Customers make a reservation, pay and check-in via the self service app. After the rental period, they return the car at your location.


No more waiting lines

Long waiting lines are history. Customers can check-in their own vehicles via the self service app so that your employees can focus on the regular customers.


All in one

Your rental fleet is fully connected with our software solutions as well as the car rental app. As a result, you don't need to buy additional vehicles. Vehicles can be rented via the self service app or via the regular way.


Reduce Costs

Use digitalization to cut on employee costs. Your team no longer waste time on administrative and operational jobs,


Higher Revenue

If you are open 24 / 7, you are guaranteed a higher revenue. Based on data research, your revenue increases up to 30%.

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Questions about our Self Service Solutions

How do you keep shady customers at bay?

All customers are checked via official blacklist registers.

How should I check for fuel and mileage?

In order to unlock the vehicle, we install track and trace devices. These devices are integrated with the car via the 'canbus'. This allows us to also read fuel and mileage.

Should I keep vehicles separate from my daily rental fleet?

No. You can use the same vehicles as used in the daily rentals / shortlease business. A reservation via the self service app can only be made if the car is not already rented via the daily rental business.

Can I use my own track & trace devices.

Depends on the supplier. Please reach out to discuss.

Can I use this solution for my employees?

Yes, definitely.

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