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How do you prevent double bookings?

We incorporated a double-availability check. Firstly, we check whether the vehicle is available based on our core availability module. Secondly, we check whether their is actually a vehicle available as well.

Do you connect with third party Track and Trace providers?

Yes we do, assuming the third party is willing to cooperate too.

Do you provide a visual scheduler?

We sure do. Actually, our scheduler is very unique by allowing you to filter up until vehicle characteristics.

What about the speed?

We use Oracle databases, which allow us to scale up and down depending on the traffic. In other words: fast.

How often do you update the system?

Each day. But rest assured, you don't have to do anything to stay on the latest update. We do this for you.

Can you build my website?

100%. Most customers decide to migrate their current website to a brand new one build by us so that their website is faster and fully connected to the RentVisie car rental software.

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